Term & Conditions

Safdar Forex School is a forex teaching institution only. The institution will not be responsible for personal transactions with any member or student.
Safdar Forex School teaches you Forex and even after the completion of the course the institution will not be responsible for any loss incurred during trading.
If a student incurs a loss during the course of trading in a manner contrary to the instructions of the institution, the student will be liable for the loss.
Fees for all courses will be in advance.
Fees will not be refunded to students who drop out immediately after admission or during the course.
All of our courses are copyrighted and are not allowed to be uploaded to our social media accounts without permission. The institution has the right to take legal action against the violator.
Course fees will be paid only in the bank account of Safdar Forex School. Fees sent to the personal account of a Safdar Forex School member or a student will not be accepted.

Course information will be updated on Safdar Forex School’s website and Safdar Forex School Play Store app.

All newcomers to their seniors
Establish a respectful and friendly atmosphere
Will keep