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SAFDAR ABBAS has been a professional FX trader for 11 years and counting, so no matter how hard it is, I didn’t give up on it, because it was my dreams to see myself be the boss on some people, am still studying new methods that I come across on my forex way to make my plans successful, it not very easy to tackle everything but I make sure I study very hard every time, day and week.


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Trading is not easy, and that is why I do not sell short and useless courses. I am offering a full-blown university grade trading education. In my opinion, knowing proper technical analysis constitutes only about 20-30% of long term trading success. The rest 70-80% are made up of crucial trading aspects such as trading psychology, risk management, money management, development of strict personal algorithms, personal trading statistics, correct understanding of “value of money,” correct mindset, correct expectations, correct understanding of trading in general and so on.

Only then dry technical and fundamental market analysis. Sounds complicated, I know. But don’t worry, all you need is a little bit of patience and my guidance. I will guide you through each of these crucial steps to trading success!

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